Xcom 2 Brutal Collection Achievement

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 7 min read

George Tucson 130,240 I agree with what A Gamer X360 on everything written. On the attack/heal bar that comes up when you hit the right trigger, the skull jack is blanked out.

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TrueSteamAchievements BrutalCollection Skull jack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in same game) 0 Leo Survivor 1,880 Not so difficult, you have to skull jack or mine, the 4 types of troopers.

Related Achievements and Trophies ItemGuidesTop Guide BrutalCollectionachievement in XCOM2 (Xbox One) 2 by A Gamer X360 BrutalCollection trophy in XCOM2 (PS4) 0 I just finished skull mining all 4 advent soldiers for the brutalcollectionachievement.

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It says you're supposed to Skull jack each type of ADVENT soldier. Or does Skull mining not count? There's nothing quite so horrible as insincere piss.

So I've gathered that there are only 4 actual targets that you need to skull mine for this achievement, Trooper, Shield bearer, Lancer and Officer, as well as the Codex possibly? Also, this is my second play through, so I must have already done the Officer and the Codex before (or at least skull jacked which I assume counts?).

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I encountered the situation I described above a few missions ago, and so skull mined both of them and the achievement didn't pop. But now I encounter a couple of Troopers on the mission I am on right now, skull mine one of them and the achievement still doesn't pop.

Overpowered Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad composed entirely of soldiers of the same class (but not Rookies) Explosives can be used to soften up the targets, but they can't make the killing blow.

Despite stating ADVENT soldiers, this achievement includes skull jacking the codex for the main story. Requires some good plot locations, and rushing at least 2 Resistance Comm facilities to reach those areas.

Plasma Grenade, Nano-Medkit, and first Tier Weapon Upgrades and PCS are allowed. Facebook Reddit Email Publisher: 2K Games Developer: Fir axis Release: 30 September 2016 Platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Genres: Strategy, Turn Based, Management Features: Xbox One X Enhanced Medium: Physical and Digital Size: 20.95 GB Completion est: 200+ hours (excludes DLC packs) Links: Official site US COM ® 2 Digital Deluxe EditionPurchasing through these links may earn us a small commission.

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