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Popular Name Searches | Zabasearch Please enter a valid phone number. Three Times More Residential Listings than White Pages Phone Directory.

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Intelius reports cannot be used for background checks related to consumer credit, insurance, employment, housing or any other purpose prohibited under the FCRA. People search results will include address and telephone numbers found in U.S. public records.

Geographical information related to the phone number search is also included. This premium background check service is provided by Intelius.

Search for any 10-digit U.S. cell number or landline to find the name and location of the owner. This premium reverse phone search is provided by Intelius.

Search people by name, previous address, and age to locate current address and phone records for people you can't find in ZabaSearch. Lien records www.spokeo.com True People Search Yes, we are 100% true with billions of records stored for you to search.

Get the individual’s history, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, associates, criminal records, and more. Just input what you have: name, phone number, or address and hit the search button.

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Trusted by Millions of Users We have nearly one billion people in our records. So, you can search for individuals born within the past over 80 years.

With the vast database, we make sure the information you get is as deep as possible. We also reveal the latest and accurate details based on the search, just like in other paid services.

Totally safe and secure Anything you search here is private, for your eyes only. Our site is SSL encrypted, which means it’s safe to use Zara Search and what you get is 100% private.

“I used Zara Search to find out about a guy I just met via online dating. “I have used ZabaSearch for the past two months to search for a couple of addresses and phone numbers.

“I once met a new client who needed my services to supply food and drinks to his company colleagues. “I have used this service before to check on a new neighbor who always seemed to be quiet and distant.

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This is a great website to help you search for anyone in this vast America.” Apart from Zara Search, I don’t think there is any other service that can give you that.

Every time I get an unknown phone call, this is where I get answers to whom they truly are.” “Every time I go out to give my services (outside catering issues), I always get strange calls the next day.

That made me a troubled woman until a friend of mine suggested Zara Search. Do not use this site to make decisions about employment, tenant screening, or any purpose covered by the FCRA.

Zabasearch is a free search engine to find information on people including names, addresses, phone numbers, birth year, and more. People search engines have a bad reputation on the Internet because of two things: first, because many are designed to provide information only after users pay money.

The basic version of Zabasearch is free, and using it to search people will reveal some information directly on the site. Zabasearch acts as an affiliate of these companies in this regard, and redirects your requests to the other service where you are asked to make a payment before the information is provided.

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You may use it to enter a name, e.g. Bosco Albert Barracks, and may hit search right away, or limit the output to a particular U.S. state. This is a good way of displaying more results, as you can theoretically fill out more identifying fields, or run searches for each state individually.

One question that may come up, especially if you notice that information about someone you know or yourself is listed by Zabasearch, is where the people search engine is getting its data from. Zabasearch notes that the information that it displays when users use its search capabilities come from broad variety of public record sources”.

It is specialized however, as it focuses on people information, but the basic functionality that powers it is identical to other public search engines. What this means is that your name as it appears in a particular record and the associated identifying information such as your address and phone number will be suppressed if you request this in the manner described below.

(For example, if your address or area code changes your new information will again appear unless you opt out the new record.) In order for that to happen, users need to verify their identity by faxing a valid copy of an ID to the company.

It provides users with more search results, and should not be confused with the “Premium Services” options that Zabasearch lists on its pages as well. Connecting with Facebook will only increase the results that you get, but won't enable you to run background checks or use the search by phone number feature for free.

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Zabasearch is a basic people search engine that focuses on the United States exclusively. It returns basic information for free that include names and addresses, and sometimes phone numbers, and the birth year.

Claim: Your personal information can be obtained through the Zabasearch .com website. Beginning this month (JULY ’06) a new database will be available to the public free of charge that displays your personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates).

Zabasearch .com/ type in your name and check … You’ll be SHOCKED as I was! Check to see if your name is in this Zabasearch database, which also includes addresses, phone numbers and birthdates.

After opting out at info zabasearch .com by email I guess the only way to know for sure you have been removed is to check back a few days later. Origins: We originally reported on ZabaSearch in response to email-circulated warnings back in May 2005, so the appearance of similar messages more than a year later, warning that ZabaSearch would be “available to the public” in July 2006, is somewhat misleading … and suspiciously coincidental.

Apartment complex where I lived several years ago) and a message telling me that I would receive a full report within one day. The 15-page “Comprehensive Report” I was e-mailed the next day looked like it had been compiled from some publicly-available sources and some automated guesswork.

The report also correctly identified my ex-wife as a “possible relative” and listed her name, phone number, and several (former and current) addresses. It didn’t include any of my blood relatives, however, even though my parents live just a few miles away.

The report included a lot of entries identifying my putative neighbors, most of which were useless because the information was either outdated (i.e., it identified people who live near residences I moved out of years ago) or irrelevant (i.e., it listed people who live adjacent to the businesses I’ve rented private mailboxes from). The report did not include my Social Security number or any employment information.

Information typically makes it to the public domain via a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to: phone listings, court records, real property records, subscriptions etc. This practice is, and always has been, legal in the United States and is the basis for the 2 billion dollar U.S. information industry.

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. ZabaSearch is one of the original people search engines for finding someone's location and contact information online.

However, if users want more detailed and current background information on someone, they are presented with paid report offerings by Intelius. ZabaSearch also offers other services, like the ability to add and edit your own contact information and personalized public record on their people search engine.

ZabaSearch is a USA people search engine that lets you lookup someone by name and location in all fifty states in the U.S. It's easy to find additional contact information for someone on ZabaSearch by using their ten-digit phone number for any area code in the United States.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways other than Zabasearch to do a reverse address lookup on the internet, including Google, White pages and other people search sites. In addition, users can register for the Datasphere service on the Zabasearch site to receive email notifications when another person searches for them or someone they know by name.

You can also post messages on ZabaSearch with the names and descriptions of family or friends you are trying to find, in the hopes that the person or someone who knows of their whereabouts will make contact with you.

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