Zaika Grill

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50 Pieces Your choice of BBQ or Spicy Hot (Fries not included). Boneless Tikki Wrap Chicken both marinated in spices with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, jalapeños, and onions.

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Beef Both Wrap Beef both marinated in spices with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, jalapeños, and onions. Seek Kebab Wrap Ground beef marinated in spices with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, jalapeños, and onions.

Paley Paneer with Nan Spinach and cheese cooked in spiced tomato & onion sauce. Hanna Masala with Nan Chickpeas cooked in spicy brown gravy.

Deal Manana with Nan Whole black lentils with red kidney beans in a creamy sauce. Fish Tikki Masala Onions, green peppers, garlic, ginger and home spices, cooked in a creamy sauce.

Shrimp Tikki Masala Onions, green peppers, creamy sauce and home spices. Hale em with Chicken Meat Lentils ground with wheat into a thick spicy curry.

Gyro Sub Slices of gyro meat with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, mayo, and Tahiti sauce; on Nan bread. Aryan Style Sub Chicken or steak with Indian style spices, onions, bell peppers, cheese and mayo.

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Bun Kebab Lentil patty topped with a fried egg, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Chicken Burger Combo (Zinger-style) With lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

Chicken Tikki Leg Marinated in spices and cooked in a Tandoori oven. Seek Kebab Minced beef with spices, grilled on a skewer.

Bear Kebab Thinly sliced steak marinated and cooked in a Tandoori oven (2 pieces). BBQ Platter Chicken Leg, Beef Seek Kebab, Chicken Both, Beef Both or Bihar Kebab.

We pride ourselves on serving our customers delicious genuine dishes like: Indian At Hakka we are bringing fresh, healthy, authentic flavors of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Spicy Seasoned Chicken cooked with basmati rice served with Rita (yogurt cucumber sauce) Indian Cheese (Paneer) in a tomato based buttery sauce over basmati rice.

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Seasoned Chicken or Paneer wrapped in a flour tortilla with romaine lettuce, basmati rice, pickled onions and creamy butter sauce. Falafels wrapped in a warm pita with romaine lettuce, tzatziki (white garlic sauce) cucumber-tomato salad, pickled turnips.

Crispy samosas/also Tikki (potatoes paneer cutlet) with Hanna masala (chick-peas curry), pickled onions and chutney’s. We aim to serve with passion, dedication and a touch of modern flare.

Visit Zika today and immerse yourself in lush spices and savory delights. Our modish, yet sophisticated ambiance is there to give you a great Zika experience every time.

They have the best quality lamb I have found in the Milwaukee area, and the owners are incredibly helpful and gracious. Zika of Kensington offers authentic flavors of the subcontinent with an emphasis on refined, creative and contemporary cuisine from the Awash traditions of Northern India.

Reinvigorated, it opened its doors to customers once again as a tour de force of Indian cuisine in 2014, earning its accolades in the short time since. The reimagined Haiti is now ready to welcome guests with a menu that features all the usual favorites as well as many new options to titillate the tongue, making it one of the best places to eat in Kensington serving perhaps some of the best Indian food in London.

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Perhaps most importantly of all, its contemporary approach to the Awash cuisine does not forsake tradition, but rather it maintains the roots of this classic Indian cuisine whilst giving it a new, creative flair to inspire the imagination. These items can currently only be viewed via PC whilst the app is transformed to include them.

We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to bringing you details of the new app launch soon. “ Z aka means 'taste' in Hindi and Urdu,” says Rahim Arcadia, one of the partners in the new Zika Indo-Pak Restaurant (16556 Southwest Fwy., 281-313-0123), located where Shiva used to be.

When Dish visited one hot summer evening, we found the food to be not only authentic but absolutely delicious. The Pakistani beef Shari was so tender, it fell apart on the fork and, surprisingly, wasn't too spicy.

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Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox Relaunched with a new chef, this fine dining Indian restaurant and bar serves classic dishes in an imposing former bank building.

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The owners, Tamarind Collection, have rekindled Zika to specialize in north Indian cooking with flashy, carefully honed recipes inspired by Mughal palace kitchens. More homely in nature but no less satisfying, a main course of juicy king prawns, tossed in a vibrant tomato and ginger masala, is enriched by the warmth of cracked black peppercorns.

These lofts are simmered in a smoothly whipped yogurt sauce, blended with nutty melon seeds and spiked with a hint of mild chilies. Four’s background as a pâtisserie chef is clear with the likes of babas steeped in fabulous Old Monk rum from India, or a reworked cassava topped with a tricolor of mango, raspberry and pistachio ice cream.

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