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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 09 May, 2021
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Josh Maxima threw us a mere 11 degrees on delivery day, followed by a snowstorm the next. Josh Maxi knew by around noontime that the sun would melt a lot of it, and it did.

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There's a plastic parking brake on the left side which must be disengaged to proceed and if you don't deploy it before you turn the bike off, you'll get one of the loudest beep-beep-beep-beeps-ok-Mom-I'm up you've ever heard. If I bought this unit, I'd punch that beep in the brain, or at least disable it.

That said, my beat up 2005 Honda Metropolitan Scooter, with 7,000-plus miles on it, lives outdoors 24-7-365 and starts right up and stays lit no matter the weather. I'm talking about icy hairpin turns over which I slipped and slid, but never lost control, apprehensive at first, then doing it on purpose, evoking the grin I was looking for.

I did not go all the way up the mountain and down the other side because it was getting dark and the temperature at night can drop 30 degrees. Josh Regrettably, I turned around and down the slippery mountain I went, same fun, just slower.

To put this in perspective, the wheelbase and track width are about 10 inches greater than a current midsize pickup. All utilize a three-cylinder, 900cc, turbocharged Rota ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) engine.

Keeping the CVT clutch and belt system cool is necessary for a long and happy life under the extreme conditions (horsepower and terrain) that the Maverick X3 subjects it to. Available on the highest trim of two- and four-seat Maverick X3 TVs, the Fox Smart Show is a semi-active suspension system that utilizes an onboard computer, sensors on each of the four corners, and fast-acting adjusters within the dampers.

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Internally, the system works by replacing the standard shock piston with one with an electronically activated valve (called a DDA valve, for dynamic damping adjustment) that can act independently on either the rebound or compression circuits. The patented technology is quite advanced, and quite frankly this is the simplest way to describe how it functions.

The Fox Smart Show system is the only one on the market currently with the ability to adjust both compression and rebound on the fly. By adding the ability to adjust shock rebound, the suspension can adjust to help keep the body flat during hard cornering or braking by manipulating rebound damping in the opposing shocks to minimize the effects of negative weight transfer.

The eclectic group allowed us to form what we feel is a very qualified opinion of the vehicle. It smoked the competitive TVs we had it out with in straight-line speed and impressed everyone who rode in or drove it.

There was absolutely no turbo lag at all, with the power delivery feeling like a switch was flipped. The Maverick X3 soaked up big and small bumps with ease, tracked extremely flat in turns, and even allowed for confident drifting.

We were able to push hard through moderately sized whoops for miles with no sign of shock fade. And with careful driving we were able to run through some tougher off-road racecourses in Southern California.

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With the payload maxed out, the Maverick X3 acted more like a road grader than an off-road racer. Thankfully, this could be solved with a little taller tire and a touch more preload in the springs.

We liked the information given on the gauge cluster, but wish there was an option for a GPS system like some others in the market offer. We made use of the upholders on several occasions (people look at your funny in the Arby's drive-through) and never had an issue mobbing through the desert with a large Dr. Pepper.

A small inconvenience, but it meant we needed to reposition after filling the truck to top off the Maverick. It's also worth noting that the Maverick holds 10.5 gallons and requires premium fuel.

Unlike its closest competitor, the Maverick had plenty of room for four adults to ride without feeling like they were touching shoulders or sitting in each other's laps. All four seats are adjustable, making it easy for people of any stature to get comfortable and allow shorter folks to reach the grab handles.

We noticed that this style belt was not only far more comfortable than a traditional four-point harness, it also allowed the lap belt to remain tight more consistently (we had noticed a competitor four-point harnesses loosening up during long rides). Similar to the front, the rear shocks are larger 3.0-inch Fox Podium dampers.

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Other models of X3 range from 20 to 24 inches of wheel travel, depending on setup. We don't have a good answer for preventing it, but after just a couple of hundred miles the coating on the trailing arms had been all but sandblasted off.

The Fox shocks receive a signal from an onboard computer that is used to adjust compression and rebound through a wire that attaches on the bottom of each damper. These sensors are used by the onboard computer to adjust the Fox shocks to the current terrain and driving style.

The same is true for the rear, with the suspension position sensors mounted to the trailing arms near the sway bar. We found this to be a great addition that really helped to minimize felt body roll from the large vehicle.

Complete with an integrated intercooler, when optioned in RR spec this engine pumps out a blistering 195 hp. The air intake scoop that feeds both the engine gearbox and provides cooling for the clutch and belt assembly is located behind the rear-seat headrests.

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