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Thengphakhri Tehsildaror Tumor Tarawa was the last work of fiction by Sanity Academic and Juanita Award winner Indira Goswami. Set in the late 19th century Assam, the novel is the heroic tale of a Body freedom fighter who was, arguably, the first woman revenue collector in British India.

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These range from a young girl returning to the scene of a harrowing childhood to a woman attending a wedding reception at her estranged in laws’. The translator Present Gupta identifies ‘Never Jon no Show’ (‘Grieving for Oneself’), a story about a middle-aged man waking up terrified that he is paralyzed as his favorite from the collection.

Though written decades ago, her stories embedded within narrow domestic walls continue to hold relevance. Bani Base’s novels have dealt with gender, history, mythology, society, sexual orientation and more.

The Fifth Man sees the protagonist Nee lam post her hysterectomy which hastens her into a sexless middle age and changes her relationship with her husband ARI. The novel sees Fatima struggle to find her way amidst communal violence and conflicting loyalties.

In 2016, Harper Perennial published the English translation of the novel Zindaginama that won Krishna Sob ti the Sanity Academic Award in 1980. Though the translation has met with criticism especially on its failure to capture the different registers of language, it does give non Hindi readers a chance to experience the classic.

She wishes to escape from her father’s tyranny, a former policeman who tortured Natalie rebels including Judas during the emergency. Themes of obsession and political ideology rendered in lyrical prose leaves us with a powerful novella by the author of Hang woman.

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They were first published as a series of essays by Sahara Kumar Binding Devi between 2002 and 2007, told from a woman’s point of view and informed by a deep empathy for the common people outside her father’s gilded circle. A Dali, a Buddhist and a feminist: Ursula Paar’s self-definition as all three identities informs her stories about women who are brave in the face of caste oppression, strong in the face of family pressures, defiant when at the receiving end of insult, and determined when guarding their interests and those of their sisters.

This collection translated into English by Verna Do and published by Cuban contain fourteen stories on the travails of the Indian women. The Hindu observes that the title Mother wit is apt as these stories are rooted in common sense, exude a quiet practicality and are replete with strong mother figures.

I Want to Destroy Myself by Malika Amar Shaikh translated by Jerry Pinto (Speaking Tiger, 2016) Shaikh’s autobiography is an unvarnished story of a marriage and of a woman and a writer seeking her space in a man’s world.

I Want to Destroy Myself is not only a searing account of her life with Dhasal, but it is also a portrait of the Bombay of poets, activists, prostitutes and fighters. It is now accessible to English readers through the translation by Jerry Pinto published by Speaking Tiger in 2016.

Published by RPA & Co, and translated into English by the author herself and few others, Intimate Pretence is a collection of fourteen short stories strongly rooted in the Odin landscape. A Night with a Black Spider is a recently translated collection of short stories by Speaking Tiger.

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This collection published by Narayana and translated from Telugu by several people, including her colleagues, have something of the autobiographical about them as the author herself grew up in the Media quarter of a Telangana village of the sort described in these stories. A book review by DNA appreciates the oral quality to most of the stories with the colloquialisms, slang and song all well written.

In Volga’s retelling of the Ramayana, it is Site who, after being abandoned by Purushottam Rama, embarks on an arduous journey to self-realization. Along the way, she meets extraordinary women who have broken free from all that held them back: husbands, sons, and their notions of desire, beauty and chastity.

Alongside vivid descriptions of her childhood years are the conflicted experiences of growing up in a large upper class Muslim family during the early decades of the twentieth century. 100 is an account of Album Amaru Habit, a young woman political activist from Kashmir who was arrested in Delhi and jailed under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POT).

In the book published by Cuban, she describes the shock and bewilderment of arrest, the pain of realizing that there is no escape, the desperation for contact with the outside world and the sense of deep betrayal at being abandoned by her political comrades. Her story is both a searing indictment of Draconian state policies and expedient political practices, and a moving account of one woman’s extraordinary life.

Cuban Directed booze Singh Produced by Guest Mona Shawn VyasMozez Signatory booze SinghStarring Vicky KaushalSarah Jane DiasRaaghav Canada Music by Ashutosh Phat Edited by Deep Bhatia 1 October 2015 (2015-10-01) (Susan International Film Festival) 4 March 2016 (2016-03-04) 115 minutesCountryIndiaLanguage Hindi, Punjabi film is the coming of age story of a young boy Dishes (Vicky Kushal) who loses his faith and develops a fear of music, and of his journey in fighting that fear and finding himself.

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The story starts with the flashbacks of a young man, Dishes (Vicky Kushal) who grew up in a village in Durgapur, Punjab. He comes to Delhi to meet a businessman, Buchanan “Guru” Stand (Danish Chaudhary), who is often referred to as the Lion of Durgapur.

A flashback speaks of how, while being bullied by some of his schoolmates, Dishes met a young Buchanan who told him about how life often becomes cruel to people, and how one should fight back. Thereafter, he joins a security agency in hopes of getting to Poor Stand Industries Limited, better known as CSIL, which is owned by Buchanan.

However, he lands a job at a music show, and notices a young girl, Amiga (Sarah Jane Dias) dancing to a song. Surprised that a stranger would have known him better than his family, Buchanan is rendered nostalgic, and begins playing a CD of the songs he used to hear in Durgapur days.

Surya is angry but much to his shock, Buchanan orders his assistant Armani to arrange a room beside on his own estate for Dishes. Dishes visits Amiga in the meantime, bringing some bananas for her, and learns that she is preparing for Dhruvtara.

She falls asleep, and wakes up soon, only to end up stopping Dishes, who however admits that he is not interested in singing. Amiga then reveals that he does not stammer while singing, which soon compels Dishes to recall his childhood with his father.

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Mandy orders Buchanan to fire Dishes because Surya doesn't like him, but it falls on deaf ears. That night, after an argument between Mandy and Buchanan, Dishes is brutally attacked by some goons who seem to have been sent by Surya.

He learns that Drug was Amiga's brother, who for a reason did not like Surya, but was very reactive and aggressive when drunk. Dishes is confronted by Buchanan and soon reveals that he was the one who injured ADAV to meet him, and Buchanan, in turn, reveals a number of truths to him: Surya is actually Mandy's son with Meta, and that Meta actually belonged earlier to the Poor family from CSIL, which is why he doesn't love Surya and Mandy.

Recalling through another flashback how his father developed a speech impairment that led to his banishment from the Gurudwara and ultimately desolation resulting in suicide, Dishes finally lets go of it all as he realizes the lesson Amiga gave him on music and life. Although he is arrested and imprisoned upon arrival in Durgapur under charges pressed by Buchanan, he is soon released, and writes a message to Amiga, finally reuniting with her in the end.

A major part of the shooting took place in Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan, while the last phase was shot in Mumbai. In Punjab the film was shot in Kiley Raipur & Nathanson and in Rajasthan the shooting took place at the Samba desert.

The second song “AJJ San O Milan” (The Anthem of Dreams) sung by Manner Dushanbe was released on 8 February 2016. Designed specifically for the working professional or full-time student, our 90-minute evening group Hindi classes are held after working hours twice a week for ten weeks, so you can achieve your language proficiency goals without disrupting your busy schedule.

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Born in Chicago to Indian parents, Ali earned his bachelor’s degree in International Studies and South Asian Languages and Literature at Loyola University. With a special interest in linguistics, semantics, syntax, bilingualism, and foreign language teaching techniques, Ali is fluent in English, Hindi, and Urdu, and teaches all three languages at Canaan.

Following his extensive teaching career in Chicago and Seattle, Ali has now personally taught over 11,000 hours of classes. NEA is one of the directors of Canaan School for Languages and also instructor for Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Basic Persian.

NEA’s passion for languages and cultures and her interest in their intersection are what originally drew her to Canaan. Before joining the Canaan team in 2011, NEA worked in the corporate sector in Mumbai.

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A language learner herself, NEA understands her students’ needs and expectations and pushes them to achieve their learning goals. She works with students on all language skills at all levels, but pays special attention to improving listening comprehension and oral communication.

She also taught a 45-hour basic Hindi course at the Middlebury College in Vermont in January 2019. His primary research focus has been on modern Urdu prose as it emerged after Independence.

He is also deeply interested in Urdu novels, Asana (short story), screenplays, and poetry. He has had numerous articles published in various magazines and newspapers on the topic of Urdu/ Hindi language and literature.

He has taught intermediate and advanced Hindi /Urdu at Canaan language institute since 2011. His teaching approach and methodology is aimed at strengthening vocabulary, bolstering reading comprehension and speed, building oral presentation skills, and improving listening comprehension and conversation fluency.

Her love of linguistics enables her to deconstruct the language and simplify it for students while her interest in Hindi literature allows her to carefully select the most appropriate reading for her students according to their interests and language learning goals. Her passion for other regional languages led her to learn Brad Hash, the 16thcentury western dialect of Hindi.

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With ancestors hailing from Balochistan, Ash has also inherited the Bloch language. Her love and enthusiasm for Assamese, her native language, and Hindi inspired her to start teaching at Canaan.

She has done her Bachelors in English Literature and has a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from Delhi University. Her passion for languages allows her to negotiate and bridge the gap between English and Hindi for non-native speakers.

She went on to pursue her degree in Political Science from Lady Sari Ram College for Women, DU. Having previously worked in the Public Policy sector, and being a politics enthusiast, the politicization of the two languages (Hindi and Urdu) interests her.

And being Lucknow only makes her more passionate about deconstructing the nuances to bring out the differences and similarities between the two languages. Before joining Canaan, Manisha worked with Shanty Show, an NGO, for one year when she helped underprivileged children develop their aptitude in English language.

United by a passion for language learning and decades of collective teaching experience, Canaan’s multinational team of teachers has a proven track record of success in achieving proficiency for their students. Having studied both Hindi and Urdu at Canaan for over two years, I have nothing but praise for the hard work all the staff puts in to make learning interesting, inspiring and efficient.

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