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• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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We don’t think you’re versatile, and sometimes you do films that are hard to survive. And then it affects you while promoting a product,” you said in an interview with TO.

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If a film is coming along badly, don’t you try to change the tide given your clout and star status? Even though your comic movies like the Gomal series fails to make us laugh, these hilarious memes based on you were successful in inciting a giggle.

The stunning trailer of Sanjay Leila Basal's most awaited film 'Amravati' was finally introduced to the world and as expected, it garnered praises from everyone. While some loved Reindeer Singh as the eccentric and dangerous Aladdin Chili, some felt that the trailer brings back all the memory of 'Beijing Martini.

Meanwhile, fans and celebs just can't stop raving about SLB's magnum opus. Based on the story of Ran Pad mini of Chit tor, this film looks very promising and is expected to hit the theaters on December 1.

The much-awaited trailer of Thai: The Unsung Warrior starring Ajay Devon, Karol, Saiph Ali Khan was released on Tuesday, November 19. Soon after the trailer of Thai: The Unsung Warrior was released, people started flooding social media with hilarious memes.

Most of the memes were centered on Saiph Ali Khan’s character Dayan, with many drawing comparison to the Game of Thrones series. Thai is set in the 17th century and is based on the life of Kanji Malware, who was the military leader of Chhatrapati Shiva Sahara, founder of the Maratha Empire.

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Shawn Was, Guest Mona, More Singh and Arjun Ram pal during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai. More Singh and Shawn Was during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai.

Anand L RAI with his wife during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai. Shawn Was and Meir Media during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai.

Meir Media ® during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai. Meir Media ® during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai.

Guest Mona during the screening of Cuban on February 18, 2016, in Mumbai. This is what one learned about Asia That last year from the film ‘Nazi’ in which she plays an accidental Indian spy who must hide stray telegraph wires as deftly as her emotions as a new bride in a Pakistan home.

Rabbi Poor, who ably channelled Sanjay Duty’s gait in the Rajkumar Iran film ‘San’, bagged the best actor award. Critics gave a thumbs-up to Andhadhun, Sriram Madhavan’s black comedy thriller, in which a visually challenged pianist finds himself at the center of a delightfully weird mayhem.

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He shared the prize with Reindeer Singh whose kohl-lined eyes can underline both a gully boy’s angst and a king’s savagery. Held for the first time at BKC’s Jio Garden, the ceremony checked all the boxes: A well-heeled guest list, A-list performances and an over caffeinated paparazzi.

Then, sporting knee-high pink boots, the tall, lithe Kristi Canon arrived atop a swanky car and moved to the chart busting number ‘Coca-Cola TU’. “Dream girl” Hemp Main received the award for 50 years of outstanding contribution to Indian cinema.

Devoid of his signature scarf, a silver-beard sporting ‘Baidu’ aka Jackie Sheriff fished out a black Nehru topi from his cowboy jeans and completed his black-blazer-and-sunglasses look with homegrown headgear, having the overall impact of a cool AAM Adam. In the Hindi dubbed movie, Fer oz says, “Teri Cuban baht chart HAI, Surya.” To which Sure replies, “Par health Jada Chalía HAI.” The popular use of Do No 1 meme is to express the idea of confronting someone.

Once can find that happening in our film industry with recent examples like 'Queen', 'Tier Bin Laden', 'Khosla Key Khosla', 'Has Maya Re Obama', 'Vicky Donor', 'The Lunchbox', 'Asian' and few more. This movie surprised everyone with its content, performances and a decent run over the box office followed by being the highest rated film of that year.

Thus, right from the first promo of Cuban which is from the makers of 'The Lunchbox' & 'Asian', the expectation levels are at its peak due to its promising cast and presentation. ' Cuban is a story of Dishes (Vicky Kushal) who meets his childhood mentor Purchased Stand (Danish Chaudhary) and impresses him by his efforts and handwork.

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Purchased Stand makes Dishes, one of his associates and promises to fulfill his dreams. Dishes at the same time meets singer Amiga (Sarah-Jane Dias) and manages to revisit his childhood chapter which relates to music and devotion.

The screenplay related to the family drama has been presented in an interesting and intriguing manner. The politics, treachery, secrets related to the family of Danish Chaudhary, is one of the key elements of this movie.

One will love the whole intense family drama but might not connect to the musical and romantic part of the film. This track is very essential as per the flow of the film but, somehow fails to get established in a justified manner.

The director should have focused more on the screenplay related to the romantic scenes as they manage to ruin the goodness of the film. Despite being slow and a bit abrupt, the movie still has its own charm and a novelty factor especially in the dramatic part of the film.

The actor will be playing the role of Haida Shan Singh in the film Cesar. For the film, the actor will go under some intense training to learn the fighting methods of that time.

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As reported by a leading tabloid, a source stated, “The war sequences are currently being designed. Although the hand-to-hand combat scenes are few, the team is contemplating roping in Perelman from the Adhara of Punjab to lend authenticity.

The source added, “Since it is the oldest form of self-defense that Sikhs resorted to, it is fitting that the makers showcase it in the film. Akshay will be doing these action scenes with heavy costumes and thus, that can be difficult to pull off.

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