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Musical, who was traded from Philadelphia to the Clippers on Wednesday as part of a deal that sent Tobias Harris to the Mixers, is averaging over seven points and four rebounds a game this season. Musical addition improves Lakers shooting (1:13)Brian Windsors praises the Lakers for acquiring Mike Musical from the Clippers, and it provides space to get a player on the buyout market.

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Less than 24 hours after acquiring point guard Reggie Bullock from the Detroit Pistons, the Los Angeles Lakers were active again, sending veteran forward Michael Beasley, and backup center Via Cuba to the Clippers for forward Mike Musical. Beasley was only averaging 7.3 points this season, and missed multiple games because of the health, and ultimate death of his mother.

Los Angeles has acquired forward Mike Musical from the Clippers for Michael Beasley and Via Cuba, according to ESPN. The deal opens up a roster spot for Los Angeles as it hopes to sign another player on the buyout market, with several outlets indicating Carmelo Anthony is a strong possibility to land with the Lakers.

Beasley and Cuba were included in different drafts of the Lakers’ proposal to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. He was listed out for Thursday’s game due to travel logistics and will still be in limbo as he was scheduled to meet up with the Clippers in Boston on Friday.

Beasley and Cuba have spent the week involved in trade talks that would send most of the Lakers to New Orleans. The move will free up a roster spot for the Lakers, who plan to survey the buyout market, per Wojnarowski.

Chiefs HC Andy Reid provided a brief update on Mahomes on Monday afternoon. An angry Tom Brady attempted to shove a Saints defensive lineman during Sunday night's Divisional Round matchup, and it didn't go well.

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Marino was the first quarterback to pass for 5,000 yards in a season, was a Pro Bowler on nine occasions and won the league MVP award in 1984. He has the special ability to read the field and produce the perfect pass to match whatever situation is thrown at him.

The fact that Rodgers has once again been the best player in the entire league, at the age of 37, catapults him into the top five of all time. Manning’s intelligence and ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage was truly unique at the time.

The fact that Manning managed to claim his second ring with the Denver Broncos right at the end of his career ensures he makes the top three of all time. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith put all the blame for the Ravens' 17-3 Divisional Round defeat on Lamar Jackson.

Johnny Daniel appeared to take a shot at the Cleveland Browns on Twitter after his former team fell to the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round. Kyle Dvorak discusses Monday's fantasy football news and breaks down how certain teams may address the quarterback position this off season.

Houston Texans players and coaches have shared their thoughts on Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Enemy over the past year. The Yankees outfielder scored the ace on a 303-yard hole with a 3-wood at Silver leaf Club, as shown in the LGA player's Instagram story.

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Lakers Trade Rumors: Mike Musical Acquired From Clippers For Michael Beasley & Via Cuba Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports In the time Magic Johnson and Rob Belinda have sat at the helm of the Los Angeles Lakers front office, they’ve completed at least one trade at the deadline in each of the past two years.

The Lakers were not able to acquire Anthony Davis before the trade deadline, but did make some moves before time was up, getting a stretch-five in Musical and parting ways with their free agent acquisition of Beasley, along with Cuba. Cuba, meanwhile, will likely have a role on the Clippers’ rebuild, getting some significant minutes with Marcin Great out of the picture after a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies forced the team to waive him.

It’s been over a month since the Los Angeles Lakers traded Via Cuba and Michael Beasley to the LA Clippers for Mike Musical, and at the time, the moved seemed questionable at best. Now, with the help of hindsight, it’s clear that president of basketball operations Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Belinda made arguably their worst trade to date.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports Cuba will hit restricted free agency this summer with a cap hold of $1.9 million. Even with Zubac’s cap hold, the Lakers would have still been able to sign Kathy Leonard, Kylie Irving or Play Thompson to a max contract starting at $32.7 million.

The only scenario in which Zubac’s restricted free agency status would have been an issue for the Lakers in their pursuit of a second star would have been if another team made him a lucrative offer, which would have tied up L.A.’s cap space temporarily. In the unlikely event that happened within the first few days of free agency, the Lakers could have simply renounced him, and it would have had the same effect as trading him did.

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But this unnecessary sense of urgency to solve problems that don’t exist yet is what cost the Lakers D’Angelo Russell in 2017, and Julius Randle last summer. The front office can make all the signings and trades they want, but until they learn from their mistakes, this organization is going to be where it's been for the past six years.

8:07pm: The Clippers have officially announced their trade with the Lakers, issuing a press release to confirm the move. While there’s no indication yet that Beasley has been released, the statement from president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank makes it clear that Cuba is the prize of the deal.

He’s close friends with LeBron James, who recently stated his desire to play with the longtime All-Star forward. Musical was just acquired by the Clippers in the blockbuster deal with Philadelphia that sent Tobias Harris to the Mixers.

The Clippers’ initial plan is to waive Beasley, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets. The Clippers would have to extend him a $1.93MM qualifying offer this summer to make him a restricted free agent.

Earlier this week, the Clippers made one of the biggest moves of the season when they shipped a package centered around Tobias Harris to the Mixers for Landry Shame, Mike Musical, Wilson Chandler and a number of interesting picks. In exchange for the reserve big man, the Clippers got Beasley, who they'll immediately waive, and Cuba.

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They'll get a few months to really evaluate him down the stretch here, and if they like what they see, they can re-sign him once he hits restricted free agency in the summer. The Lakers didn't make the one trade they were hoping for, as the Pelicans decided to hold on to Anthony Davis.

They've had a few seasons now to evaluate Cuba, and while the big man has flashed some potential, they clearly aren't interested in his second contract. Meanwhile, according to reports, Beasley was recently involved in the heated altercation with head coach Luke Walton, and this seems like just an excuse to get him out of the locker room.

Theoretically, Musical is a floor-spacing big man who can improve the team's shooting and help open up the offense. It seems unlikely he'll make much of an impact over the rest of the season, and is set to be an unrestricted free agent.

Additionally, the trade allows the Lakers to open up a roster spot for buyout season. Most likely, this is a trade no one remembers in a few years, though there is certainly a bit of risk for the Lakers that they'll look foolish for giving up on Cuba so soon.

Perhaps a team is trying to win now and trades a young, developing player for an established veteran who will help them get over the hump quicker. Sometimes a talented player isn’t a good fit from a chemistry perspective and a trade is seen as more of an addition by subtraction.

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The 7-foot-1 center had become a fan favorite, was well-liked in the locker room and showed glimpses of being a potential star when given the opportunity to play. He has averaged 3.7 points in the 13 games he has seen the court while shooting just 25% from three-point range.

The Lakers front office did the biggest mistake,’” Cuba said. You don’t have to be sad for me.’ And I always make sure to tell them, ‘Check our game out if you want to see good basketball.’ Everyone has been positive.

They were the eighth seed in the Western Conference when they traded their best player, Tobias Harris, to the Philadelphia 76ers for Landry Shame, Wilson Chandler, Musical, two first-round draft picks and two second-rounds picks. Musical was a throw-in they suddenly flipped for the center (and Michael Beasley).

Cuba, who didn’t play in 20 of the Lakers’ first 27 games, felt wanted from the moment he moved down the hall to the other locker room at Staples Center. “I always make sure to tell them, ‘If you want to watch playoff basketball, we’re at Staples,’” he said.

“I think this is a natural team to have a connection with,” coach Doc Rivers told me. “If you work for a living, which every person in the crowd does, otherwise they couldn’t buy a ticket, then you want to be with this team.

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If Jamie Dixon becomes the next men’s basketball coach at UCLA, it will add to what has already been a banner year for Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. RAM Male, who graduated in 1999, won the Academy Award for best actor for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” New York Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, who graduated in 2007, was inducted into the high school’s Hall of Fame and now Dixon, who graduated in 1983, could be on the verge of getting his dream job at UCLA.

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